Opportunities at Mercury

Message from our CEO

If you have read any of the information on our website you will know that Mercury expects the best and only hires the best. I don’t settle for second best in my personal life or in my business and I do not believe you should either. There are some basic skills that you will need in this industry, and we want to take those skills and turn them into the best, brightest and most knowledgeable people in the business.

At Mercury we want the inquisitors, people who ask questions, people who want to know why a decision was made or how a conclusion was constructed. We want those who are curious, probing and who are constantly asking “why”. Are you that type of personality? Do you have the confidence to stand up and question the world? Do you think you can conquer the world and do it better, faster, smarter than anyone else has ever done before?

If you have that desire and want to show the world what you can accomplish, then you may be the right person to wear the Mercury logo. You bring the talent and I’ll show you how to build a better solution and move our industry to the next generation of well control!

– Chad Wilson, CEO Mercury Well Control

Open Positions

How Mercury Well Control Works

We are pushing the boundaries in what is possible in the energy sector. Whether we are shaping solutions for a client or changing the way we do business, Mercury is leading to the next generation of well control.

  • Theory of Change

  • We Blend Research and Practice

  • Multiple Solutions, Multiple Applications

  • Understand Our Clients and Our Industry

  • Developing Our Next Generation

The Next Generation of Well Control