Emergency Response Services

Mercury recognizes that emergency response situations require not only a quick response but also a calculated response. One of those more critical response requirements is having someone you can depend on to guide you and your team through the situation as quickly and safely as possible.

Mercury’s current focus is on providing the experience and expertise to both assess the situation quickly and assemble a measured response that accomplishes the goal of containing, managing and then stopping the event. This is one of Mercury’s biggest strengths.

Not only does Mercury provide well control engineers and firefighting expertise, we bring years of experience and knowledge, as well as support personnel for environmental and safety oversight, through our sister companies. Our team will follow a precise and regimented response plan and help your team quickly collect the appropriate information required, assess the situation and construct a response plan.

Once the plan is agreed upon by parties concerned, actions may then be initiated and people and equipment mobilized and a response put into motion.

Let Mercury show you a better way to address emergency response in order to more efficiently meet our industry’s most significant and dangerous events.

Not so much of an emergency?

What if you are simply having a problem, or you are stuck? Tools down the hole? Something not working correctly? You do not always need an actual expert on the rig or in the office. Sometimes all you need is a phone call. Well, we are the next generation, so maybe it’s a Skype call, or if you need a web conference to review documents and meet with your team. Yes, we do have the latest in technology to engage with our clients. We are comfortable with your tool of choice, or you can use one of ours. Let us know… we are here to help.

How Mercury Well Control Works

We are pushing the boundaries in what is possible in the energy sector. Whether we are shaping solutions for a client or changing the way we do business, Mercury is leading to the next generation of well control.

  • Theory of Change

  • We Blend Research and Practice

  • Multiple Solutions, Multiple Applications

  • Understand Our Clients and Our Industry

  • Developing Our Next Generation

The Next Generation of Well Control