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Leading by Example

At Mercury we believe there are always better ways to accomplish a goal. In our industry the goal is not only on production, it is also on safety and risk avoidance. This is why we are setting a new standard for engineering and well control services for oil and gas.

As part of our standard curriculum we are targeting the best of the best graduates from the finest engineering schools from around the world. Unlike most companies, our goal is not to simply hire resources and send them into the field. Our desire is to continually train, educate and expand the knowledge and experience of our next generation well control engineers. We do this through a rigorous training and advancement program and through closely supervised field training. When Mercury promotes someone to the next level in their career advancement, they are better trained, more experienced and have been taught how to asses, apply deductive reasoning and utilize all available evidence to draw conclusions and outline solution options. We demand higher levels of performance from ourselves and our team.

It is Mercury’s insistence on setting the new gold standard for our industry that drives us to be both selective in who we hire, as well as committed to how our teams deliver solutions to our clients.

Blowout and Emergency Response Contingency Planning

As we continually strive to reinforce one of our core philosophies, planning and prevention are the pinnacle of our company. As part of the focus our teams, along with our sister company resources, provide our clients with some of the most thorough and detailed response planning available in our industry.

While some clients refer to this activity as Blowout Contingency Planning (BCP) or Emergency Response Planning (ERP) and the two may be related, a BCP is more specific to an event than an ERP or an ERP may contain a plan for a BCP. If you or your team need assistance in framing, building or implementing your plan, Mercury has the resources, the industry knowledge and the experience to assist you in putting your plans into action.


As part of the US governments emergency response planning requirements, BSEE has mandated that all operations in the US have a formalized Common Operating Picture (COP) plan in place to activate in case of and emergency situation.


BSEE’s Regulations and Guidance ➜

While Mercury is dedicated and focused on helping our client meet all government regulations and meet guidelines and standards, we believe that most of our clients have taken a misguided approach to meeting this particular requirement. Because the BSEE document specifically points out:

“Encourage you to specify primary and alternate communications technology and software you may use when coordinating and directing spill-response operations systems and/or providing a common operating picture to all spill management and response personnel, including the Federal On-Scene Coordinator and participating Federal and State government officials.”

Our clients seem to focus on a technology tool that will meet this requirement. Mercury’s position is that technology, just like any other tool, is simply there to address a need. That need being the regulation and dispersion of information. We believe a much bigger issue exists. Having a fully vetted and complete response process is required prior to any technology or tool conversation. Knowing what you are going to do with the information and understanding who needs the information is much more critical.

This is such a hot topic, and Mercury believes it to be a critical issue in our industry, so much so that we have dedicated an entire section of our web portal to address this topic. For more information on this and how Mercury can assist you and your team, contact us.

Onsite Consulting

With a focus on the next generation of well control services, Mercury is helping drive better solutions and deliver stronger more innovative planning and design support.

We currently have personnel engaged with our clients in their offices on a day in, day out basis. Our consultants provide input and oversight into activities such as:

  • Drilling and Completion engineering support
  • Well Operations and oversight reviews
  • Common Operating Picture design and implementation
  • Blowout assessment and recommendations
  • Root Cause analysis and After Action Reviews related to incidents
  • Risk Management

Rig Crew and Equipment Assessments

Assessments and inspections are a regular part of ensuring that your team and their equipment is ready to handle their tasks and be prepared to react in emergency situations. Mercury provides assessment services that can give you both peach of mind as well as assurances that you are ready for whatever may come your way. Let us show you how you can structure a better crew and ready the right equipment when and where you need it.

Critical Hole Monitoring

Monitoring is part of the day to day operations of any drilling rig. While the majority of this activity revolves around information and data from the daily drilling reports, there are better ways to advise and interact with our clients and suppliers.

Because Mercury embraces the next generation of technology, we can provide you with critical analysis, advice and oversight without having to be on location. Our team has the expertise, knowledge and tools to provide you with guidance and relevant solutions to this critical activity.

Let Mercury show you and your team how we can help.

Regulation & Compliance

Governments across the globe define and enforce the regulations that govern our industry. In order to help our clients meet or exceed those requirements, Mercury offers our industry experts to assist with the interpretation and implementation of compliance requirements.

If you are facing challenges with understanding what is required by the local government where you are operating or if you are unsure about which regulations pertain to your activity, Mercury can help. We have vast experience in working across the globe in a multitude of government agencies. We are versed in many areas, such as industrial or engineering requirements, environmental and safety requirements, as well as HR and personnel requirements.

Oil and Gas Domain Technology & Solutions

Industry Description

At Mercury we are driving domain solutions to the next generation. Our focus is on industry trends, projecting targets ahead of the trends and helping our clients get ahead of the trending curve. It is our belief that the majority of our industry leaders within this space have been acquired by larger companies and have lost their edge, or simply failed to evolve to meet the industry challenges. We see a huge void to be filled, and Mercury is taking the lead on providing the very best in oil and gas domain consultants in the world.

Our teams provide a better domain solution because we are the domain experts. We have the capability and ideas to help you identify efficiencies, close costly gaps and increase productivity in local and global workflows.

Our Expertise

Geology and Geophysics (G&G) process, data management and evaluation assessments

Mergers and Acquisitions

Engineering Application services

Finance and Hydrocarbon Accounting

Real Time Data Management

Land Management solutions and applications

Have a question? Let us know how we can help.

How Mercury Well Control Works

We are pushing the boundaries in what is possible in the energy sector. Whether we are shaping solutions for a client or changing the way we do business, Mercury is leading to the next generation of well control.

  • Theory of Change

  • We Blend Research and Practice

  • Multiple Solutions, Multiple Applications

  • Understand Our Clients and Our Industry

  • Developing Our Next Generation

The Next Generation of Well Control