Mercury Well Control involved in Ultra-Deepwater Shallow Water Flow in the Gulf of Mexico

An industry first: well control successfully restored during a high volume shallow water flow

Mercury Well Control, LLC has successfully restored well control for an operator who was experiencing an ultra-deepwater blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. One of our senior well control engineers was called on June 20, 2014 to discuss the situation. After several conversations we were mobilized to the client’s office and over the course of the next five days, an operational plan put together between us and the operator’s engineering team members which was risk assessed and executed as designed. Due to the unique circumstances surrounding the shallow water flow and the fast response of Mercury Well Control, the operator was able to regain full control of the well – although due to the volume of sediment produced, the well was unfortunately abandoned. More information about this, as well as other well control events, can be found in the Case History section.

We were also heavily involved over the next several days in the new offset well casing design as well as being instrumental in the selection of the re-drill location. “Our senior well control engineer collected all of the available data, provided high quality detailed written assessments (which is not common in the well control business), and advised our client on the best options to proceed,” said Chad Wilson, Mercury Well Control’s CEO. “We are happy to report that the client is more than satisfied with our performance and things are now back on track for this ultra-deepwater exploration campaign.”

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