We Blend Research And Practice

We work alongside our clients, industry experts and educational institutions from around the globe to build a deep understanding of the issues our industry faces. We identify promising solutions and adapt to trends across the oil and gas sector, while publishing our learnings to share an industry perspective with our partners and our customers. We want to be the best in our industry and, more than that, we want our industry to evolve, mature and foster growth. We want to lead in a better way of doing business.

How Mercury Well Control Works

We are pushing the boundaries in what is possible in the energy sector. Whether we are shaping solutions for a client or changing the way we do business, Mercury is leading to the next generation of well control.

  • Theory of Change

  • We Blend Research and Practice

  • Multiple Solutions, Multiple Applications

  • Understand Our Clients and Our Industry

  • Developing Our Next Generation

The Next Generation of Well Control