Well Control

Pressure Control

Failure to manage and control pressure effects can cause serious equipment damage and injury, or loss of life. Improperly managed well control situations can cause blowouts. At Mercury one of our core principles is around preventing incidents before they are realized.

We have the expertise and the knowledge base to assist clients with most common and rare pressure control issues that may occur in the field. Our approach is to keep it simple when needed and step up to the challenge when presented with the task.

If your particular situation can be resolved with a simple conversation and recommendations to correct your issue, that is how we engage with our client team. If the situation is more dire, we send our highly qualified and experienced personnel to your site for hands-on evaluation and problem resolution. Regardless of either approach, Mercury is here to assist you and your team.


Engineering Services for Well Control

If you are designing a new well, a relief well or simply need assistance with your company’s engineering standards, Mercury has not only the capability but a drive to push our industry forward through better design and predictive schema.

Mercury is committed to bringing the best in technology, people and experience to solve your most challenging issues. We have helped many clients through the years in both peace time and catastrophic events to realize a better solution.

Let us show you how Mercury can help you move your engineering services into the next generation.


Modeling & Planning

In well control there are many different forms of planning and exercises to assist drillers in planning and managing the activity known as “Well Control”. One of the common practices is called “modeling” and we are experts at this activity.

There are many different pieces of software, approaches and solutions but only one goal; to control the drilling activity and the well stability until it is complete. At Mercury we offer services that can help you in managing this activity.

Well Control Modeling

Mercury can assist you in managing any of the well control modeling software packages out in the market. We offer assistance with:

  • Well Control Overview
  • Kick Circulations
  • Kick Tolerance Calculations
  • Data input
  • Parameters and Charts
  • Managed Pressure Drilling
  • Kick tolerance calculations

Our goal is to help you build better modeling to provide for better well control. Let Mercury show you how to step up your modeling predictions.


Dynamic Kill Modeling

Kill modeling is critical, and technology has made significant advancements in building kill models that are effective and quick. The best tool you can have in your arsenal for this situation is someone who is both familiar with the current software and techniques, and is also working with the next generation of solutions to provide you with the most comprehensive options available. At Mercury we can provide just such a solution.


Relief Well Planning

Relief wells have long been considered as options for address well control issues. The critical portion of this activity is actually intercepting the well in question. While some companies will tell you they have all the experience in accomplishing this task, it real world truth is that technology and information are what enable you to be successful in this activity. Yes, experience counts, though what you do with the data you have, identifying information you need and then planning a successful intercept is where Mercury excels.

Our next generation experts will show you how to define your strategy, design the relief well and identify the right locations and equipment for the job. When you need it done right the first time, Mercury can show you how.

Well P&A

Mercury is a recognized leader in offshore and deep-water. We offer services for permanently abandoning or re-abandoning old or problematic platforms or subsea wells. Our teams can provide project management, facilities engineering, drilling, well engineering, cost modelling and planning. We employee the safest, most effective and most economical techniques for any well abandonment project.

Our services include:

  • P&A Design Engineering and Risk Assessment
  • Rig vs rig-less approach and strategy
  • Operator Liability Assessment
  • Abandonment Options Techno-Economic Appraisal
  • Abandonment Cost Estimating and Scheduling
  • Regulatory Notices & Communications
  • Site Clearance & Restoration Plans

Well Categorization Reports.

The review of well data and proposal of well abandonment designs based on the well category:

  • Category 1: T&A well wellhead removal
  • Category 2.1 and 2.2: Rig-less well abandonment
  • Category 3: Well abandonment requiring a drilling rig

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

How Mercury Well Control Works

We are pushing the boundaries in what is possible in the energy sector. Whether we are shaping solutions for a client or changing the way we do business, Mercury is leading to the next generation of well control.

  • Theory of Change

  • We Blend Research and Practice

  • Multiple Solutions, Multiple Applications

  • Understand Our Clients and Our Industry

  • Developing Our Next Generation

The Next Generation of Well Control